Short | Besku

Besku (short | tragicomedy | 9 min)

Besku is the story of a homeless marionette who inhabits a small box. As he returns home one day, his beloved box has been destroyed. Searching for a new shelter he walks through the nightly city. But instead of finding an other cover Besku even looses his last property. Kutya is the puppet dog’s name who rescues Besku as he gets into a serious situation. From now on the two buddies explore the night together and their friendship grows. As they enter the party district Besku and Kutya are attracted by the flashing lights. But they cannot guess what will be ahead of them.

Status: In post-production


  • Peter Waschinsky
  • Kerstin Dathe
  • Dana Cebulla


  • Director: Simon Glass
  • Script: Simon Glass
  • Director of Photography: Maximilian Kaiser
  • Steadicam Operator: Alexander Pauckner
  • Assistant Cameraman: Christian Mario Löhr
  • Editor: Fani Schoinopoulou, Simon Glass
  • Sound Designer: Tobias Linke, Clemens Brix, Nicolas Neteler
  • Music: Nicolas Neteler

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